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Emma and Georgina in Pink and Aqua

Image of Emma and Georgina in Pink and Aqua
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This mask has been lovingly made from an amazingly soft, fine, high thread count 100% cotton tana lawn liberty of london fabric with a flannel liner. There is a pocket at the top where a filter can be inserted and a wire to form the mask around the bridge of your nose for maximum protection. All masks can be washed and worn multiple times. Should fit ages 3-10 years, the elastic ear loops can be tied to fit tighter on littler faces!
How to use:
1. Open mask up and Insert a disposable filter such as a shop towel cut to size. Hold mask by ear-loops with printed side facing out
2. Place mask over nose & mouth & place one ear-loop around the back of each ear
3. Pull bottom of mask under chin & the top over the bridge of the nose. Pinch wire over bridge of nose.
4. Wash & sterilize the mask after each use.

Please note:
This mask is not a replacement for PPE masks. Wash this mask after each use in a washing machine or with warm water and soap. For best practices, please follow the CDC guidelines.